About Carr Utility Contracting

Carr Utility Contracting was founded with the intent of providing superior service in the communication and construction industry. Our combined expertise and experience of more than 75 years has given us the knowledge and understanding to achieve quality results that you expect.

Our professionalism, strong attention to detail, and ability to coordinate and complete each job to the client’s specifications has allowed Carr Utility Contracting to consistently grow since our inception.

Carr Utility Contracting has established a successful approach and organization that will accomplish set objectives dedicated to meeting or exceeding your expectations. Our success comes from years of experience, and our attitude to never be satisfied

Mission Statement

Through a relentless focus on our three imperatives – integrity, quality, and safety - we will consistently strive to implement the essential initiatives required to achieve our goals. As such, we will deliver excellence throughout every level of our company and meet or exceed our commitments to every client we serve. Our strategies and actions will be forged by a set of inflexible values that are shared by each and every employee.

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