Public and Private Utility Contractor - Austin - San Antonio - Houston

Carr Utility Contracting is centrally located between Austin, San Antonio and Houston. CARR Utility specializes in providing the infrastructure requirements of private, commercial and government entities in Texas. Licensed and bonded for large-scale work including; stormwater management, telecom, private and public utilities, energy industry, directional drilling an earthwork and site prep.

Our combined expertise and experience of more than 75 years has given us the knowledge and understanding to achieve quality results that you expect.

In a competitive industry, where the growing trend is to facilitate buried and aerial construction, we continue to excel. We have earned some of the highest satisfaction ratings because we begin the job on time, meet scheduled completion dates, communicate progress consistently and honestly, all while delivering quality results at the most competitive rates. We truly believe that in order for our company to grow, we must ensure that your company continues to grow.

Quality Assured

  • Work performance based job specs
  • Work completed per supplier guidelines
  • Professional supervision on job site
  • Highly trained and qualified personnel
  • Safety and welfare of public and crew
  • Total safety performance rating

Insured & Bonded

  • $2 Million - Commercial General Liability
  • $4 Million - Umbrella / Excess Liability
  • $1 Million - Commercial Automobile Liability
  • $1 Million - Workers Comp. & Employer’s Liability
  • Railroad Protective Liability
  • Contractors Pollution Liability

Wet Utilities

Carr Utility works with private, public agencies to handle water management issues in San Antonio, Austin and Houston...

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Dry Utilities

Carr works with agencies to handle liquid natural gas and electrical utility infrastructure located in San Antonio, Austin...

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Directional Drilling

Carr Utilities skilled drilling crews can provide the right tools and equipment to meet any of these industries needs...

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Earthwork & Site Prep

Carr Utility Contracting specializes in Earthwork and site prep in San Antonio, Austin and Houston as well as South Texas...

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We offer these consulting services; site survey, blueprint evaluation, stormwater management, and infrastructure projects...

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We're Have Serviced These Entities

  • Public Utilities (Cable TV, Water, Gas, and Electric)
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Local Municipalities
  • Government Agencies
  • Commercial Developers
  • Builders and Property Management Companies
  • Golf Course Builders
  • Private Homeowners
  • Landscaping and Irrigation Companies
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Private & Public Companies
  • Commercial Real Estate Developers

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